Podnocker rebuild and redesign

This post has been coming for a while—a commented photographic detail of my boat reconstruction project, that I first conceived of and wrote about just over a year ago.  Read that post first!  What started out as a project to “repair and repaint” essentially became a project to rebuild the boat from its guts.  The project took about a month from the time the motor came off until it was seaworthy again—though even then it was still in rough shape, without carpeting, electrical systems, or a completed paint job.  Finally finishing it took another couple of months in the evenings and weekends of last fall.

Before I go through all the details, here are the before and after shots (in the exact same spot, almost three years apart):

I’ve split this post up into three parts:

Deconstruction – rotten crap out

Reconstruction – new materials in

Redesign – repainting and redecorating

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