Jason’s QED R tutorial

R is fun, powerful, and elegant.

 The programming you need in your PhD courses—in particular, ECON 850, 851 (Econometrics I & II) and 817 (Macro II)—in the QED can be done in many different programming languages.  Some are more suitable than others, and each has various stengths and weaknesses.  Common choices are MATLAB, GNU R, and even Stata.  I advocate using GNU R (hereafter just “R”): it is powerful, elegant, widely used and contributed to, and free for any use.

Moreover, it is open source, and much of the built-in R functionality is itself written in R, which you are free to take a look at.  That is a particularly valuable feature when you want to know exactly which algorithm is being used: command A says it does B, but does it use method B or method C?

I have designed these pages to walk you through the basics of R, starting from scratch, and assuming no programming background.

This site is very much a work in progress: I welcome suggestions, changes, update, or other comments from anyone using this page; my contact information is available on my homepage.

On the menu above under “QED Tutorial”, you will fine a list of the various pages available here, starting with an introduction to R and RStudio.

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