There will be two exercises to be handed in, two midterms (written during the usual class time), and a final exam. This page will be updated as the assignments/midterms become available.

Project Due Date Value Additional Instructions
Assignment 1 13 October (Thursday) 10% Please attach the cover page.
Midterm 1 20 October (Thursday) 20%
Assignment 2 10 November (Thursday) 10% Please attach the cover page.
Midterm 2 17 November (Thursday) 20%
"Assignment" 3 N/A 0% (Not to be handed in)
Final Exam 12 December (Monday) @ 9am 40%


Exercises are due on paper (not by electronic submission), in class on the due date, either before or after the lecture. We do not use a drop box for assignment submission. Assignments will not be accepted after the end of class on the due dates. If you have not completed the exercise by the end of class on the due date, please hand in whatever you have completed for partial credit.

If you arrive late for class on the due date, please wait until the end of class to hand in your assignment.

Exercises must be your own work; review the page on Academic Integrity.


There are no deferrals of midterm tests for any reason. The test and answer guide will be added to this website shortly after the test is written, and we cannot set a fair supplementary test for one or two people. Therefore, if you unfortunately miss a midterm test because of an excused illness, the weight of that project will be added to the weight for the final exam.

Remember that if you are documenting an illness from an off-campus clinic you need to use the official Queen's Off-campus Physician's Note. In the very unfortunate event of having to miss a final exam because of illness you must additionally complete this form.


All components of the course will receive a numerical percentage grade. The final grade you receive for the course will be the weighted average of these grades, as shown above, converted to a letter grade/GPA according to the University's official grade conversion scale.

Assignment/Midterm pickup

Graded assignments and midterms are distributed through the Economics Distribution Centre, Dunning Hall Room 334. See the Distribution Centre webpage for hours.